Whether you require ice machines or rooftop chillers, the specialists at Varcas Cooling are here to help. We are based in Reading and also serve throughout the surrounding areas.

Commercial & Industrial Refrgeration Services Since 1982

Our refrigeration service can provide you with a wide range of different machines such as freezers, cold rooms, beer cellar cooling and ice machinesVarcas Cooling are specialists in commercial refrigeration units and will ensure that you get a cost-effective refrigeration unit. We can supply and install your new refrigeration unit at short notice. Our engineers are all fully qualified and can respond to any issues you have. You can also set up a refrigeration maintenance contract to fix minor faults before they become major. 

What we offer

– Commercial & industrial installations
– Beer cellar cooling
– Chilled water

– Ice machines 
– Laboratory refrigeration
– Ultra low temperature freezers
– Walk-in blast freezers and chiller cold rooms